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Non woven knitted fabrics


 weft knitted fabric with plain stitch organizations often low elastic polyester yarn, or profiled polyester yarn, nylon yarn, cotton yarn, yarn and other raw materials, change of organization of the plain stitch, rib flat-pin organizations, interlock pin flat organization, jacquard organizations, terry organizations, woven in the weft knitting machine. More varieties generally have good flexibility and extensibility, fabrics soft, fastness resistance wrinkle, a strong sense of wool, and drying washable. Moisture absorption, fabric is not enough crisp and easy to decoherence, curling, chemical fiber fabrics easy to pilling, pilling, the hook wire.

The following varieties:

1, polyester yarn-dyed knitted fabrics: fabric color bright, beautiful, color reconcile and close texture, thick, textured clear, strong sense of wool, tweed style similar to the wool fabric. Mainly used for men and women coat, suit, coat, vest, skirt, jacket fabric, children;

2, polyester knitted the Labor fabric: This fabric is closely thick, abrasion fastness, stiff and flexible, if the raw materials used to package containing spandex core yarn can be woven into the elastic knitted denim, better flexibility. For men and women coat, trousers;, polyester knit wick fabric: Fabric bump distinct feel thick and full, good flexibility and warmth. For men and women coat, suit, coat, children's clothing and other fabrics;

4, polyester and cotton knitted fabrics: dyeing of the fabric made after shirt, jackets, sportswear fabrics.

Crisp wrinkle fabric, abrasion fastness, personal side of moisture breathable, soft and comfortable; artificial fur needle fabric: fabric feels thick, soft, warm and good. According to different varieties, mainly used to coat fabrics, garment lining, collar, hat and so on. Artificial fur is also useful for weaving warp method system. Velvet, knitted fabrics: fabric soft to the touch, thick, abrasion fastness, fluff dense stands, soft shade. Mainly used as a fabric coat, collar or cap the use of materials and so on. It can also be made by weaving, for example: warp terry plush fabric; knitting woolen cloth in Hong Kong: It has cashmere fabrics, smooth, waxy, soft, bulky feel, and the luster of silk fabrics soft, drape good, do not shrink characteristics permeability purpose. Mainly used for spring, autumn and winter fashion fabrics. (B) warp knitted fabrics, usually polyester, nylon, polyvinyl alcohol, polypropylene and other synthetic filament yarn as raw material, also useful for cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fiber and blended yarn as raw material for weaving system. It has longitudinal dimensional stability, fabric stiff and small decoherence, will not crimp, good air permeability, etc.. However, its lateral extension, elasticity and softness better than weft knitted fabric.

Mainly the following types: 1, polyester warp knitting fabric: cloth very flat, bright color, thick and thin points. Thin as a shirt, skirt fabric; thick, thick you can make men and women in the fabric of clothing, coats, vests, suits, trousers, etc;, warp pile fabrics: mainly used for men and women coat in winter. coat, jacket, trousers, fabric, fabric drape, washable, quick drying, easy care, but the accumulation of static electricity in use, easy to absorb dust; 3: taking the mesh fabric warp knitting mesh fabric texture, thin, flexible and permeability feel smooth soft pretty shirt fabric is mainly used for daylight saving men and women; warp velvet fabric: lint dense stands, solid feel, full, soft, flexible, warm and good, mainly for winter clothing , children's wear fabrics; warp terry fabrics: The fabric feel plump thick fastness thick cloth body, flexibility, good moisture absorption, thermal, terry structural stability, good wearability, mainly for sport clothing, lapel T-shirts, pajamas, children's clothing and other fabrics.

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