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The world's largest non-woven fabric maker Freudenberg NOnwovens ( Germany ) in 2000 February launched a product called Evolon spunbond filaments Microfibre new spunlace nonwoven, comprising a spinning, with a web of spunlaced single production line. The proprietary technology are in nonwovens production on third major technological breakthroughs ( the company said that in 1948 the first batch of production of staple fiber non-woven fabric, in 1965 developed the first spunbond process ). Freudenberg general manager and chairman Hermann Eidel said:" the cloth step production process than to the weaving and knitting cloth need multi step scale technology. This characteristic together with Evolo nonwovens production process includes slicing from polymer composite filament, into the net by high pressure water jet process split composite fiber ( each composite fiber can be split into a plurality of smooth microfiber ) and at the same time consolidation (NFT ) fiber network, and finally produced containing 0.05dtex-2.5dtex micro fiber nonwovens. Reportedly, the micro fiber compared with conventional process, the filaments in the polymer has higher molecular orientation. Evolo spunlaced nonwovens can withstand normal washing,in each direction all have high tensile strength, high resistance to tearing and good drapability and hand. Expected Evolo nonwovens will be aimed at a wide range of tolerance to supplies and disposable products market, especially the traditional textile dominated the clothing market,including adult and children's sports wear, casual wear and work clothing. For example 70 grams / square meter - 150 g / m2 Evolo spunlaced nonwovens can do t shirts and sportswear.

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