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Spunlaced nonwoven production technology of water


Pre wet web into spunlace water stabs head area, the water spraying plate spray holes injection multiple strands of fine water jet, perpendicularly toward the web. Water jet to make the web portions of the surface fiber displacement occurred, including web opposite vertical movement, when the water jet to penetrate the fiber web, by supporting net curtain or drum rebound effect, with a different range of scattering to the web. In the water jet impact and rebound flow under the action of the fibers in the fiber web, displacement, interspersed, tangles, hold together, form a plurality of flexible around nodes, so that the fiber net reinforcement. Water jet on Web vertical injection can prevent damage to fiber network structure, and to maximize the use of water jet energy, which helps to improve the performance of spunlaced nonwovens materials. spunlace nonwoven spunlace reinforcement methods are mainly flat screen, rotary drum spunlace reinforcement spunlace reinforcement and drum and flat screen combination of spunlace reinforcement in three forms.

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