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Spunlace nonwoven water processing system requirements


Spunlaced nonwovens production process USES a lot, output reach 5 tons/day, hour about 150 m3 need water-160 m3, the water became spunlace nonwoven enterprise's biggest cost. For saving water, reduce the production cost, so will water recycle is must, must of which about 95% of the water over the water treatment after recycling. Filtering system can meet the spunlaced nonwovens technology water requirements displays in:

1, circulating water dissolved or colloid decentralized state organic matter prone to make water turbidity and produce color. These substances in water spray deposition easily distributed wall, adhesion in fiber, thus affecting the product at the end of the day the white degree. And ARKAL company AKBLAGF shallow sand filter can intercept adsorption colloidal nodular small particles, which will fall 80% turbidity, ensure the non-woven brightness.

2, the microbial corrosion of the formation of the circulating water slurry group, the high-pressure pump transportation, quickly jams blowhole, causing the water thorn head pressure increased suddenly, serious when cause parking. ARKAL company AKBLAGF shallow sand filter generally 3 to 4 hours reverse wash a, very reasonable, because filter 5-6 hours ShaCeng after the most bacteria-infested (traditional sand filter reverse wash a long time), prevent the bacteria multiply, and lead to finished product cannot be medical, maximum limit ensure the product quality of health.

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