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Other introduced spunlace nonwoven fabrics with different textile cloth


spunlace nonwoven fabric for this in our lives and not feel strange, then for the spunlace nonwoven fabrics with different textile fabric What are the differences? First, spunlace nonwoven PP raw materials cheaper, PET raw material is expensive, PP waste can be recycled to re-use. PET can not be recycled, so the PP costs are slightly lower. Nonwoven printing, heat transfer effect, the same wide PP shrinkage of PET shrink PET better, PET is more economical waste smaller. PP high temperature around 200 degrees, and PET in 290 degrees, PET is more thermostable than that of PP. Tension, the tension, the loading capacity of the same weight PET than PP tension, tension, large loading capacity. 65 g PET is equivalent to 80 g PP pull,tension loading capacity. At the same time the more important point is that spunlace nonwoven environmental point of view, PP doped melted PP waste, PET, all new polyester chips, PET than PP environmental health.

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