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Spunlace nonwoven classification


1, Spunlace nonwoven
The spunlace process is the high-pressure micro-flow injection layer or multi-layer fiber network, fiber mutual intertwined, so that the fiber network to be reinforced and have a certain strength.

2, thermal Spunlace nonwoven
Thermal bonded non-woven fibrous or powdered hot melt adhesive reinforcement materials, the fiber network and the network of fiber reinforcement into the cloth and then through the melt cooling.

3, pulp airlaid Spunlace nonwoven
Airlaid non-woven fabrics can be called airlaid non-woven dry paper. It is the airlaid technology wood pulp fiberboard opening song into the state of the single fiber, the fiber aggregation into a network of screens, fiber net reinforcement into cloth and then use the airflow method.

4, wet Spunlace nonwoven
Wet non-woven fiber material placed in the aqueous medium open pine into a single fiber, while enabling the mixing of different fiber materials, made ​​of pulp fiber suspensions, suspended pulp conveyor into a network of institutions, the fibers in the wet state to network and then reinforcement into cloth.

5, spunbond Spunlace nonwoven
Spunbond nonwovens in the polymer was extrusion, stretching and form a continuous filament, filament laying into the net, fiber network and then self-adhesive, thermal bonding, chemical bonding or mechanical reinforcement methods, so that fiber network into a nonwoven fabric.

6, meltblown Spunlace nonwoven
The melt-blown nonwoven process: polymer feed --- melt extrusion --- fiber formation --- fiber cooling --- to form a network --- reinforcement into cloth.

7, acupuncture Spunlace nonwoven
Acupuncture and non-woven fabrics is a kind of dry Spunlace nonwoven, Spunlace nonwoven acupuncture needles puncture the role of the fluffy fiber net reinforcement into cloth.

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