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Spunlace nonwoven with a single process


Merchandiser is in the process of business operations, customer orders, track products, track the service operation of the flow of full-time staff.All around the order to go to work, the person responsible for shipping delivery are merchandiser.

The nature of the work Merchandiser
Spunlace nonwoven merchandiser operations assistant; play the role of Business Manager Assistant Merchandiser in many cases, to assist business managers reception, management, follow-up customer, so the merchandiser to be:
(1) correspondence:
(2) calculation of quotations
(3) experience in the signing of a single
(4) catalogs, samples, send and registration
(5) the management of customer profiles
(6) customers visiting reception
(7) The competent entrusted the handling of matters
(8) with the relevant departments of business contacts

Merchandiser of the work characteristics of spunlace non-woven fabrics:
Merchandiser of the work, involving almost every aspect of the enterprise, from sales, production, material, financial, personnel, to the General will Merchandiser appeared. The features are: complex, comprehensive.

1.A great responsibility. Merchandiser of the work is built on the orders and customers, because the order is the life, the customer is the God, lost orders and customers will threaten the survival of the enterprise. To do major work responsibilities of the orders with customers.
2. Communication, coordination: Merchandiser work involving various departments. Merchandiser with customers, and plan department, production department and other departments is a communication and coordination. Are carried out under the premise of the order to communicate with others. Communication and coordination skills are particularly important.
3. Good customer of the General Staff: Merchandiser holds a lot of customer data, their needs are more familiar with. Also understand the factory's production, customer orders can express their views in order to facilitate customer orders.
4. Changing the pace of work, fast: the face of the customers come from all over the world, the way they work, time, pace of work of each is not the same, therefore, the Merchandiser of the pace of work should be varied. In addition, the customers' needs are diverse. Sometimes the customer's order small quantities, but to be shipped in a timely manner. This requires outside Merchandiser of the work efficiency is fast.
5 The work is comprehensive: Merchandiser involves all sectors of the enterprise, which determines its work. The external performed the duties of the sales staff. The internal implementation of spunlace nonwoven production management and coordination. Merchandiser must be familiar with the process of import and export trade practices and plant production operations.

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