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Difference of Nonwoven wood pulp composite nonwoven spunlace non-woven cloth hot bar


difference of spunlace nonwoven wood pulp composite nonwoven spunlace nonwoven cloth hot bar? Woven according to production process can be divided into:
1, spunlace nonwoven fabrics: is the high-pressure water jet micro-fiber line to one or more layers, so that the fibers entangle with each other, so that fiber networks can be reinforced and have a certain strength.
2, heat sealing non-woven: refers to the fiber network in fibrous or powder added to hot melt adhesive reinforcement, fiber mesh reinforcement and then cooled after heating melting into cloth.
3, pulp air laid nonwoven: but also called air-laid paper, dry paper cloth. It is the use of air laid wood pulp fiber technology will loosen the state into a single fiber, and then condensed in the air way so that the fibers into the net curtain, the fiber network and then into the fabric reinforcement.
4, wet cloth: water medium is placed in open pine fiber material into a single fiber, while raw material mixture of different fibers, made of fiber pulp suspension, suspended pulp delivered to the network of institutions into the fiber in the wet state a network further into the fabric reinforcement.
5, spunbond nonwoven: It is in the polymer has been squeezed out, stretching to form a continuous filament, the filament laying into the net, and then through its own fiber network bonding, thermal bonding, chemical bonding or mechanical reinforcement methods to become a nonwoven fiber web.
6, melt blown non-woven fabrics: their processes: melt extrusion of polymer feeding --- --- --- fibers formed into a network of fiber cooling --- --- reinforcement into cloth.
7, needle nonwoven: It is a dry nonwoven, nonwoven fabrics is the use of acupuncture needles to puncture the role of the fluffy fiber mesh reinforcement into cloth.
8, stitch non-woven: It is a dry nonwoven, stitch method is the use of warp coil structure on the fiber web, yarn layer, non-textile materials (such as plastic sheets, plastic, thin metal foil, etc.) or reinforce their combinations in order to made of non-woven.
The use of spunlace nonwoven
? Its main purpose can be divided into:
(1) Medical, Health and nonwoven fabrics: surgical gown, protective clothing, disinfection cloth, masks, diapers, civilian cloths, wipes, wet towel, magic towel, Counting Towel Roll, beauty supplies, sanitary napkins, health care disposable sanitary pad and cloth, etc.;
(2) family decorative cloth: with wall covering, table cloth, bed sheets, bed spreads;
(3) nonwoven clothes: lining, Interlining, Interlining, shape cotton, synthetic leather base cloth, etc.;
(4) nonwoven fabrics for industrial use; filter materials, insulation materials, packing bag, geotextile fabric, coated fabric, etc.;
(5) Agricultural non-woven fabrics: crop protection cloth, seedling distribution, irrigation cloth, insulating curtains, etc.;
(6) Other nonwoven fabrics: cotton, space, heat insulation materials, linoleum smoking, smoke filters, tea bags and other bags.
Characteristics of non-woven fabrics
? Nonwoven fabric of textile theory breaks through the traditional, and has short process, production speed, high output, low cost, versatile, multi-source raw materials and so on. 

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